Prices and Ordering


Prices and Ordering


 I'm a fitter/welder by trade and a strongman competitor, so I know the abuse equipment takes. I build things to stand up to the riggers of intense training or competition.

Custom Design

Custom designed impliments made to your personal specifications.

Large Assortment of Items

Yolks, Power racks, Steel logs, Farmers Handles, any design you need.

Contact Me for Orders or for Custom Designs

Andy Burwell   

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Please email with the link below.


Price List


  • Farmers handles $150cdn
  • Double handle farmers $180cdn
  • Super gripper $260cdn
  • Yokes $500cdn
  • Bench press saftey stands $240cdn
  • Trap Bar $240cdn
  • Parallel Grip Bar $260cdn
  • multi grip Swiss bar $280cdn
  • 2 inch thick bars $120cdn
  • 11 inch log $400cdn
  • 2 inch DB handles $100cdn
  • Bar lift for deadlifting $260cdn
  • Squat Stand $300cdn
  • Prowler sled with removeable posts $260cdn
  • Prowler sled solid posts $200cdn
  • Reverse Hyper Bench $700cdn
  • Drag sleds $140cdn

Prices are for pick up only.